the writing group (chapter 15, pt.1)

girl in the hat

The writing group has just finished discussing this week’s submission, a scene from Wayne’s script entitled Usher Place.  It was a short and lively scene, the one where the aging actress first seduces her writer.  The young man enters her cavernous foyer and asks, innocently, where the party is.  She, wearing something diaphanous replies, “Right here, loverboy.”

It was titillating and very well written and the group loved it.  Karen hugged him and called him a genius and one glance at Isabella’s pining eyes could tell anyone she’s in love. Even Aidan had agreed–he said something about cougars being hot these days.  Drew had been careful not to dwell on the similarities to Billy Wilder’s original script.  Instead, when it was her turn to speak, she reminded the group that they’re all here because they believe in adaptation as a legitimate form of art and certainly, adapting a screenplay is different than adapting…

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